Friday, December 5, 2008

Incredible HP Giveaway!!!!

This contest is unbelievable!!! Fifty blogs altogether are each giving away a fantastic HP prize package - get this, there are FOUR computers plus all kinds of other goodies in this prize! The idea is that the winner is supposed to share the prize with other people (or a charity, organization, etc) Anyway, what a great idea -- the winner gets some fantastic stuff but there's so much of it that others can benefit as well!!!

I've just entered over at Jake Ludington's Digital Lifestyle. You can find this contest & enter yourself at

Jake Ludington’s HP Magic Giveaway

Thanks, Jake & HP!!! Good luck to all who entered! (Crossing my fingers, hoping I win!!!)

Later note -- LOL, quite obviously, I didn't win or you would have heard me shouting about it! Oh well....... Haven't been doing sweeps as much lately, I try to do a few here & there but it is time-consuming & I just haven't done it as much lately...