Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just DO it!!!

I've been such a silly goose lately. I came into a wonderful bunch of lovely yarns, gifted to me by some incredible ladies over at Ravelry. As opposed to my typical "big box store" or "dollar store" stash, these are all lovely fancy expensive "yarn store" yarns - the kind of stuff that I would never be able to go out & buy myself!!

I've made a few little things - but for the most part, I have spent sooooo many hours scouring over patterns, project photos, etc etc etc trying to decide on WHAT to make! My biggest fear is "wasting" the yarn somehow -- either making a project that I won't use very often, or messing up on a project somehow, or ??? There isn't a lack of patterns to choose from out there - luckily, crochet patterns abound online, so I have plenty of choices... maybe that's part of the problem too, I'm overwhelmed with fear of wasting the yarn & overwhelmed by too many options as to what to make from it! LOL!

Enough is enough already though..... I need to start USING more of this lovely yarn. I do love making shawls - even though I already have several made up, sitting here homeless, that I still haven't figured out where they are going. I like to do charity stuff, but donating a hand-wash mohair shawl to a homeless shelter is not a very practical idea! LOL! I could try to sell a few things in my Etsy shop (haha - that's a joke - never did have luck w/ Etsy in the past) but that seems kinda wrong, to try to sell anything made from yarn that was *given* to me!

I think I'll make a few more shawls, just because I enjoy making them - then I'll just pay it forward - mark my projects on Ravelry as "free if you want it, just pay postage" or something like that - giving first dibs to my wonderful "yarn angels" Yep, that might work.

I AM going to finally get up the nerve to pop my first attempt at felting into the washer today, I will, I will, I will!!! It's been sitting there waiting on me, & I've been afraid I would mess it up during the felting process, as I've never felted before.... If it turns out, I definitely will do a few more bags, I could USE a few nice bags/totes/purses, so that would be a truly practical project....

Still tinkering along w/ my seascape idea too - that one will be ongoing for a long time, I'm sure, but it's fun to mentally plan what I want to do with it, and toy around with different ideas, seeing how things work out....

OK - I'm going to tear myself away from this computer today & STITCH more!!!!

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